Learn How To Manage Your Time Better

time managementTime management has become crucial in recent years as we have become busier and busier and more stressed out with regards to the amount of work and other things we have to do. This article will give you different methods for getting organised and managing your time better which will make your life easier.


Determine which are critical to be performed once you have made an inventory of everything that you have to do. The way to do this is not set in stone but establishing value against all jobs is critical. This way it is possible to decide easily what is left until last.

Anything that’s urgent but unimportant does not absolutely have to be performed by you. Unless obviously you’re the sole individual in your home or your organisation.

You can pay just a percentage of your earnings to get pressing matters done by someone else and bring in more this way by concentrating on the important matters yourself. This may mean using someone to do the cleaning or to sift your e-mails.

Eventually, there are the pressing and significant occupations which need to be performed by you. First ask yourself, are they truly pressing or is this just someone else’s evaluation? Simply because someone needs a reply doesn’t always make it urgent. But in case your manager says it is urgent, it more likely is.

There must be an evaluation of urgency. President Eisenhower said that, “What’s essential and what’s pressing is rarely significant and is rarely pressing”. By evaluating matters in a binary manner as pressing or not and as significant or not, you find yourself with everything broken up into four quadrants.

Matters which are neither urgent nor important might never get done this way so you need to carefully do your assessment. Things that are important although not pressing may be planned for the near future.

My tax return is not unimportant but it isn’t due until January and therefore it is sometimes an undertaking that is planned for October each year. Instead I could leave it, let it get past Christmas after which on New Year’s Day, transfer it into the ‘Pressing And Significant’ carton.


Having a strategy for the thing you should do is not worse than the usual rough idea. It will help one to stick to what you have planned to do instead of doing it in an unproductive manner.

Do not include routine jobs that you do everyday. You need no reminder to handle them if they’re standard and habitual. Additionally, do not go into fine detail, unless your job is extremely large, complicated or has parts that are distinctly dependent.

And do not spend ages on this process. Jared Sandberg said that many people spend more time getting their lists organised and their tasks planned than they do actually getting the things done and ticked off. There’s plenty of info out there about the Eisenhower Matrix.

Assessing & Scheduling

In this assessment, you have to leave an amount of eventuality, some slack for things that run over your approximation. This way you will have allocated a distinct time period (a day or a week), and have assured that you will get it all done.

Each task is classified differently from each other and given some kind of time period after evaluation. You can use another strategy if you are not certain how much time you are going to need for some tasks. You can assess them against each other and use some kind of points method to classify them instead of assigning time to them.


In the event that you would like to be more efficient, great time management is essential and we can all improve in many ways. Become more organised as from today by using the strategies above. You are guaranteed to lead a life with less stress if you do.



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