The Release Technique Reviewed: Too Good To Be True?

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You will have heard of The Release Technique from already being familiar with The Sedona Method as both of these techniques come from students of the modern American enlightened master Lester Levenson.

As you probably already know, The Sedona Method is taught by Hale Dwoskin and The Release Technique is taught by Larry Crane. And you are now also probably searching the internet in an attempt to find out the answer to your ultimate question. Does The Release Technique work?


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As you might also already know by now, it is difficult to find out whether a particular The Release Technique review is true or not on the internet.

But rest assured because I have done the hard work for you. I have looked at various places on the internet and have sourced genuine The Release Technique reviews from real users of it which I am going to share with you in the article below.

You should then have enough information to be able to make a decision on whether you think it is the solution you have been looking for.

What Is The Release Technique?

The Release Technique teaches an individual to release negative feelings and emotions so that they can start to improve the quality of your life in various ways and achieve peace, prosperity and happiness. This method was first created fifty years ago by Lester Levenson.

The method claims to eliminate all types of negative emotions so that you can gain control over the various aspects of your life such as:

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Stress Relief
  • Relief from Depression
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Get rid of Fear
  • Relationships

It also claims that the added benefits of the program is more focus and increased motivation.

What Do People Think Of It?

Now, I know you came here to read The Release Technique reviews, so here they are…

According to some, the method helps you achieve the goals that you have in life…

The Release Technique is a highly effective tool for verifiably eliminating the subconscious blocks that keep you from attracting what you want out of life. If you are searching for a way to achieve your money, health and relationship goals faster and with far less effort, I highly recommend you pick up this remarkable course.

Joe Vitale, Bestselling author of “The Attractor Factor” and “Zero Limits”

The method apparently also seems to be the cure for health problems for some people:

The most beautiful gain of all, and this one I can hardly write, it brings me so much joy—I feel I am finally free of the cervical cancer that threatened my ability to choose whether to have children or not. The course helped me discover the reason I was holding onto it, and gently let it go.

L.B, official Release Technique website

This user of The Release Technique has improved his financial situation, weight and stress levels…

…I used the method and have increased my personal wealth by $200,000 plus and I have gone down 2 dress sizes. Stress has been eliminated and my life has improved in every dimension. This is the real thing.

C. DeLucia,

And another user who has had success with weight loss…

Since taking the course a year ago, I have lost pounds and inches and kept my weight down—today I’m much more comfortable with food.

Angela Burgess, official Release Technique website

The method seems to eliminate bad habits as well…

I have no more craving of alcohol and drugs, which for the last 15 years have run my life.

Richard Preston, official Release Technique website

What’s Bad About The Release Technique?

I did not find any clearly negative reviews of the Release Technique but only one main concern from users.

These users are claiming that The Release Technique is just The Sedona Method under a different name.

At the core, both of these techniques are derived from the teachings of Lester Levenson and remain true to the main concept which is releasing negative feelings and emotions.

But there are clear differences between the two techniques which I have listed below:

  • The Release Technique taught by Larry Crane is more results-driven and is more focused on achieving specific goals whereas The Sedona Method is more laid back in the sense that it seeks to get individuals to a general place where they stop hindering their lives.
  • In terms of cost, The Release Technique is about $100 cheaper than The Sedona Method.
  • The Release Technique comes with ongoing, unlimited free telephone mentoring and lots of free weekly releasing recordings to complement progress. While there is a support mechanism called the Worldwide Releasing Community, available 24/7 with The Sedona Method, the support with The Release Technique also offers free consultations with Larry Crane personally to aid with progress.

What’s Included In The Package?

You have a choice of 2 different packages to go for and both come with 5 bonus audios.

1) Release Technique Online Home Study Course – This is an online streaming and download product where you learn the Release Technique directly from your computer. It is now supported on smart phones and mobile devices – Price $97

2) Release Technique (The Abundance Course CD Set) – 22 Sessions on 10 CDs plus 5 bonus CDs and a 123-page workbook – Price $197

There is a 30-day money back guarantee that comes with it when you order it from the official website from the link provided below. In addition, you can keep the 5 bonus audios if you return the set for a full refund.


That’s not all. When you order the Release Technique abundance course, as previously mentioned, you will get free access for a year to Larry Crane via a live teleconference. In addition, you receive FREE support for a year and you can just call the support line if you need any help. The teleconference and support are valued at $3000 as this is what other people way to these services.

If you order from the official website from the link provided below, your order will ship within 24 hours once your credit card is approved. They have also recently launched a new online releasing community and releasing blog. This new blog will offer you tons of updates, tips and details on how to experience your own breakthroughs using the method.

The Release Technique can be ordered for delivery in all countries through the link below including US, Canada and UK.

Is There A Coupon Code?

There is no The Release Technique coupon code. This is due to the fact that the official website is currently offering a discount of $82 on the package which would normally cost $279 if you order from the link below.

If you really cannot afford the course, then you might want to read The Release Technique book first before making up your mind. The official website is currently selling the book at $65 so we recommend you buy the book from Amazon at $39 with free shipping.


To sum up my research, it seems that people have received good results from using The Release Technique and therefore, I would recommend this method as a way of releasing negative emotions and transform your life for the better.

Also, in order to ensure you are fully protected if anything goes wrong or you decide not to keep it, I advise you to only buy it through the official website rather than a reseller.

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