What Is The Science Behind Subliminal Messaging?


Subliminal messages surround us all the time but we are only starting to discover how powerful they really are with the invention of subliminal software that run on our computers. To give you an example, sometimes you might find yourself thinking about it some lyrics or humming a song but you cannot remember where you have heard the song.

You might have heard of the song when you were at the supermarket earlier that day but you were not paying much attention to it. The mind still keeps taking in information even when we are not paying attention. Audio and visual subliminal messaging are also widely used in advertising campaigns these days.

Subliminal programs work on the area of the brain that is subconscious and this is what results in long-term changes to someone’s personality. Anything that you are not consciously aware of is subliminal in nature. Most subliminal message software these days make use of recordings and influence your subconscious mind directly by bypassing your conscious mind.

There are various types of subliminal software out there but essentially the main use of it is to change your habits and patterns for example they can be used to quit smoking, reduce anxiety and depression, for weight loss or for stress reduction. There are also some software that are aimed at achieving a specific goal and these will use positive affirmations to do this.

What Is The Subconscious Mind?

The subconscious part of the brain differs from the conscious part in the sense that it does not do critical thinking. It just takes in messages and uses these to change the way someone thinks. This is why it is important to bypass the conscious part of the brain when trying to change habits or achieve goals.

These messages usually come in the form of calming sounds or soothing music because this is just a very gentle way of installing positive thoughts to replace negative ones. Subliminal messaging software have become very popular because there is no effort involved. Most of them just run in the background on your computer. They flash messages at you from time to time.

Depending on what you want to achieve with subliminal messaging, the length of time to see the change will differ. But in most cases you will start to see results in about three weeks.

Due to the fact that they are very effective and have produced good results for most people, there are now many subliminal software out there. We are going to discuss some of the things to look out for when buying this software.

Never download free software. This is because unfortunately there are people out there that have hidden agendas and they might embed subliminals into the software that can harm you. This is why they will usually give it away for free.

Which Is The Best Software For Subliminal Messaging?

The Mindmaster and the Mindzoom subliminal software programs are the most popular with users.  Other people also like Subliminal Power and Brain Bullet. It is really a case of preference but they all work in a similar way. They have all been well tried and tested for a number of years now and produce good results . They can also be installed very easily on your computer.

Basically, the software will flash subliminal messages on your screen that will reprogram your mind and this is what is going to change a habit or help you achieve a specific goal. They all come with ready-made affirmations that cover a wide range of categories including wealth, health and career.

If you have specific needs, you can also choose to write your own messages that will be flashed. With all the above software, you can also choose the frequency at which the messages flash on your computer as well as the intensity of each flash.

How Do Various Software Differ?

Where the various software differ is when it comes to the look of the navigation bars because some of them look more modern and are more user-friendly. For example the look of the navigation bars in Brain Bullet is more modern when compared to Subliminal Power.

You will also get more ready-made affirmations with Brain Bullet because it is a newer product compared to Subliminal Power. The prices will also be slightly different depending on whether the software can be downloaded or whether it is a CD version that will be delivered to your home.

For example, Brain Bullet is only available for download so it will be slightly cheaper than if you order a CD version of Subliminal Power. However, a lot of people do prefer the CD version even though it costs a little bit more because they just prefer something tangible.

You can find reviews of Mindmaster and Mindzoom on this website. Hopefully, these reviews will help you decide which product will best suit your personal needs. You will then be ready to start making positive changes to your life and realize your dreams.



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