How To Get Your Kids To Be Hooked On Spelling

hooked on spellingIn this article, we going to investigate spelling games that help your child to learn to spell words more easily. And then we are going to take a brief look at one particular interactive game which is the Hooked On Spelling learning kit which is an addition to the Hooked On Phonics program, which teaches your child to read.

Because the rules of spelling in English are often vague and indefinite, teaching children how to spell can usually prove to be quite troublesome. Just relying on simple rules for pronunciation is not often enough to help children who are learning the English language at an early stage. Because of this, teachers have come up with ways of teaching spelling to children that are far more meaningful and fun than just endlessly repeating boring and monotonous spelling drills.

Try To Introduce Spelling Into Everyday Learning

During the early years of a child’s development, the speed at which they develop their language skills is crucial. During this time they will often link images and words together in their minds. And so this is a very good time to also teach different methods and techniques of spelling. To succeed with learning English words, it is important that the best possible methods should be used for teaching children at these younger ages.

It is possible to introduce spelling into everyday learning for children so that they start to build an interest in the idea of spelling words. Teaching methods today often include ways of motivating children to help them learn more quickly.

It has been found that if children keep an interest in learning at this age then they tend to keep learning onwards through their lives to higher and higher levels than they would otherwise. The ultimate goal is to keep children excited about the thrill of learning new things and prove to them that learning can actually be fun.

Show Your Kids That Learning Can Be Fun

By introducing children to educational games, especially at the kindergarten level, a child’s mind can be guided into accepting that learning is fun. And naturally, given the subject of this article, spelling games are an excellent type of game that can make children think learning to spell is fun.

Experts tell us that, through playing spelling games, kids can actually begin to enjoy the process of spelling words. This increases their keenness to learn new words and further explore the English language. Spelling games of this kind can also work wonders for helping children with their general language development. And, furthermore, associating learning with fun can serve a child well for the rest of its life.

Learning boring old spelling rules and word associations, and then memorizing the roots of words, these are all old and traditional ways of teaching English spelling. But these are not the ways that will capture a child’s imagination and make learning a fun experience for them.

Yes, these old traditional methods are still practiced even today. And while it is still a requirement that children come to learn the basics of the English language rules so that they can master the art of spelling, there are now new methods in place that are more appealing to youngsters who can often get bored by the old approaches.

Do Not Discount Traditional Spelling Games

In the classroom, spelling games can be introduced as a change from normal routine class activities. However, just because they are used as a break activity, that does not mean that the spelling games shouldn’t be done more often than they currently are because these games stimulate competition and fun between students and create motivation for them to learn more in other areas.

Age-old spelling games can be just as much fun, even today, as new spelling games. Examples of the older traditional games include word scrambles, word searches and crosswords. There are still many children who enjoy these traditional games today in the same way that their parents used to enjoy them when they were young. So don’t discount how these traditional games can boost language learning and spelling skill.

In fact, school supply shops often have these kinds of games commonly available for use. If you wish, you can even make your own traditional games for your children to play with. It is sometimes the case that even the children themselves can create their own cards and materials for their games during teachers-supervised sessions.

Look For Electronic Versions Of Games

Children can also be given projects to produce self-teaching games in the classroom. This way they’re using their creativity towards an educational end which, in itself, will provide them with a fun time.

Word puzzles and crosswords can be targeted to many different age groups. Kindergarten children may be happy with just short one-or-two syllable words while more advanced students can tackle more complicated words and sentences.

It is also the case that there are many spelling games that can be played electronically, whether online or just on a desktop computer or tablet. These kinds of games are already popular with students who are learning English for the first time. And they have already formed the core aspects of many online English lessons and tutorials. These electronic versions of games can easily be targeted towards different ages and skill levels with the English language.

Hooked On Spelling Complete Learning System

Having looked at spelling games in general, let us now take a quick look at a spelling program called Hooked On Spelling. Hooked On Spelling is aimed at children between the ages of five and eight years old. It has different levels which determine the age group to which it is aimed at such as Hooked On Spelling yellow level and Hooked on Spelling red level.hookedonphonicsctapicture

It has been discovered that when children develop the ability to spell proficiently, they become generally more confident about reading and writing. Learning to spell is a basic requirement that eventually helps with learning anything more effectively and Hooked On Spelling reviews claim to help children master their spelling in a fun and fast way.

Developed by teachers and child experts, the Hooked On Spelling download contains a series of 20 minute lessons that are essential to teach children crucial spelling fundamentals. As well as fun and interactive games for learning to spell, there are also included games that can be played by the entire family while still helping your child to master the art of spelling.

Hooked on Spelling is an addition to the Hooked on Phonics program which guarantees to teach your child how to read. You can try Hooked on Phonics risk free for 30 days for only $14.95 from the link below which includes free shipping. By trying out Hooked on Phonics from the link below, you will also be able to buy Hooked on Spelling with a 50% discount which comes to $19.95 instead of its original price of $39.95.

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