Hooked On Phonics Reviews: Does It Really Work?


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You have probably heard of the Hooked On Phonics learn-to-read pack from the infomercial. Just like all other parents, you want the best for your child, especially when it comes to leaning how to read which is one of the biggest milestones of their lives. You have probably bought quite a few other products for your child that has not proved very useful or effective. You are now wondering whether Hooked On Phonics is one of those products that is just a waste of money and nothing else.

Rest assured because I have put together this article to share genuine Hooked on Phonics reviews from parents who have used it. These reviews come from various trusted sources on the internet. I have also tried to gather some of the concerns that some parents have regarding this product which I will also share with you below.

What Is Hooked On Phonics?

It is essentially a program that aims to teach your child how to read. The company claims that this program has been developed after a lot of research by leading educators. It comprises of lessons which come in various formats, each lesson taking just 20 minutes or less to complete, designed to fit in today’s busy schedules. The Hooked On Phonics program is based on the 3 step approach below:

  1. Learn – By watching the DVD, your child will learn to recognize and read new words
  2. Practice – By using the workbook, your child will be able to practice the new sound and word combinations
  3. Read – Your child will get the chance to combine what they have learned by reading a fun story from the storybooks

To top it all, there is a reward sticker at the end to celebrate your child’s success.

What Are You Buying?

The DVDs are designed in a way so that they guide your child through the lessons level by level. They need to be watched first to introduce the child to the lesson of the day and capture their interest. They contain both visual and audio features and through the help of animated letters, they help your child to relate the sound they hear to a visually displayed written word.

There are four different programs available depending on the age of your child, pre-K for pre-kindergarten students, kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade. You can also get the complete package for ages 3 to 8 which includes all of the four programs which is what the company recommends is the best investment which is why they currently have a special offer on to try the system for just $14.95 with free shipping and full money guarantee if you are not satisfied if you buy from the official website link below.

What Do People Think?

We have looked around the internet for information on all packages available, including Hooked On Phonics learn-to-read pre k/preschool reviews, kindergarten reviews, first grade reviews, second grade reviews, master reader reviews, master reader deluxe edition reviews, toddler edition reviews

This person claims that their child is now performing better than other older kids after using Hooked On Phonics:

…I started my daughter Katie on the program when she turned three last May. Yesterday she turned four, and after using Hooked on Phonics just once or twice a week for the past year, she now reads better than most first- or second-graders!…

Jennifer Logue, mother of Katie, age 4, official Hooked On Phonics website

In this Hooked On Phonics dvd review, the program is presented to be effective for all kids, and well designed after thorough research by leading educators:

The Hooked on Phonics process is logical, sequential, and rewarding for both teacher and student. It is flawlessly put together…. It allows customization for each child while teaching a thorough phonics program. I did the research and I am glad we went with Hooked on Phonics.

Valerie, mother of Elizabeth Ann, official Hooked On Phonics website

This Hooked On Phonics review confirms that people seem to have noticed improvements after a short period of time:

System is great. Easy to use. My son loves it.We have seen improvement after the first couple weeks. Love it.

Lisa Anne Espinoza, Amazon.com

Hooked On Phonics is also presented as being fun and rewarding for kids:

I like how the phonics program is organized where it gives the children incentive (looking forward to getting that sticker after a lesson), but also various ways to reinforce and practice the lesson. In addition, the video portions are fun, and easy for the children to enjoy. My daughter loves dancing to the ABC song and loves singing ABC’s most often. I like that the lessons are made to be about 20 minutes, thus allowing for a toddler/preschooler’s short attention span.

Jessa W, Amazon.com

Some people seem to like the fact that the lessons are only 20 minutes long as they can easily fit it into their busy schedules:
The best element of this style of teaching is that any parent can do it; 20-minute sessions 2-3 times a week are convenient even for a busy parent…

Cynthia Duran, Netxnews.net

Any Concerns?

I did not find any clearly negative Hooked On Phonics consumer reviews of this program, whether it is the toddler, kindergarten, 1st grade or 2nd grade package but only a couple of concerns. Some people feel that it is expensive compared to other programs out there but they also think that at the same time, it is the most versatile.

Other people have said that it only teaches reading and not writing. This is accurate and the company has not stated otherwise. A few people had some missing DVDs when ordering from Amazon. In order to avoid this happening, I would recommend that you order the program from the official Hooked On Phonics website link below.

What Do You Get?

When you order The Complete Learn to Read Package for Kids Age 3-8 from the official website link below, you get the following:

  • 8 DVDs & Workbooks, 36 Storybooks
  • 4 Sets of Flashcards, 8 sets of stickers
  • Full online access to my.hookedonphonics.com
  • Storage and Display Box

Additional Gifts And Offers

  • Free Gift – Make-a-book kit–everything your child needs to be the author of his or her own bookhookedonphonicsctapicture
  • Free Gift – Activity Pad – with more than 90 brain-building activities
  • Offer – Hooked On SPELLING Bonus Offer, Get 50% Off Hooked on Spelling – 20 minute lessons teach your child critical spelling fundamentals

There is currently an offer that I recommend you take advantage of where you can try the The Complete Learn to Read Package for Kids Age 3-8 with its additional free gifts, risk free for 30 days with free shipping for only $14.95. It you are not fully satisfied after 30 days, then you can a full refund and you also get to keep your free gifts. Get this offer by clicking on the official website link below.


From my research, I have concluded that parents have seen significant benefits from using Hooked On Phonics and I would recommend buying this program if you are planning to teach your child how to read. However, make sure that you order from the official website link below so that you can take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee.

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