Brain Bullet Software: Can It Really Transform Your Life?

brain bullet picDid you ever hear about the story of the psychological trial that involved flashing subliminal images on a cinema screen without the audience being aware. Supposedly it resulted in improved sales of drinks and snacks within the movie theatre.

Or perhaps you’ve heard stories of songs having subliminal messages embedded within them. The messages here were transmitted to the conscious mind of the listener without that person being aware that anything unusual happened. However, in this article, we will also discuss how subliminal messages can positively influence our behavior.


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These stories demonstrate the power of subliminal messaging to control behavior. And they also demonstrate the amount of fear and paranoia we have about being influenced without us knowing about it.

Subliminal Messages Influence Us Daily

For better or for worse, we are influenced constantly on a daily basis with subliminal messages. Many of these messages may be completely natural and originate naturally in our environment. An example would be seeing a lemon and feeling our taste buds watering automatically as a result.

Other messages may be produced artificially with a definite purpose in mind. Artificial attempts to influence us subliminally can be found in advertising, TV, music, self hypnosis, Internet advertising and so on.

Many countries have rules and regulations that prevent this kind of subliminal advertising. And this fact alone may demonstrate to you that these subconscious programming principles really do work.

Use Subliminal Messages Positively

But what would happen if we decided to influence ourselves subliminally for positive reasons instead of being a victim of commercial interests? Would we be able to build upon our strengths and remove our weaknesses?

In this case, we’re talking about using the power of subliminal messaging to, for example, give up smoking, become more confident, develop self-discipline, create financial prosperity, and so on. Used in this way, subliminal messaging can influence your own subconscious mind to reach your untapped potential.

This idea of subliminal mind-programming has been tried in the past with the use of subliminal audiotapes and CDs.

Personal Hypnosis And Therapy Are Expensive

While these general recordings may have been popular for mainstream topics like weight loss, public speaking and so on, the issue is that many of our problems and goals are completely unique to us. It is unrealistic to expect to be able to buy a subliminal recording customized to yourself.

So what methods exist in order to cater to our own unique and private lives? Usually the answer to that question has involved personal hypnosis and therapy sessions with a professionally trained individual.

This is fine if you have the time and money to engage in such private consultations. The fact is that most of us do not.

Computers Lets Us Customize Subliminal Messages

We all respond differently to different kinds of subliminal stimulus. The same words or images that can affect one person positively can affect another person negatively.

This is one of the major problems of using subliminal messages that are designed for a general person and not specifically for you. However, things have now changed with the advent of the personal computer into almost every household.

There now exist subliminal software programs that can run on those computers and can be customized to your own unique requirements. You can even write your own affirmations that you know will affect you positively when you are exposed to them subliminally.

Reprogramming Of The Brain

In this way you can exploit the power of subliminal messaging in a way that is customized exclusively for you. Reprogramming your mind becomes something you can do yourself effortlessly.

Programs like Brain Bullet offer a way for users to enhance positive thinking, fight depression, deal with a host of negative emotions, even lose weight, all while using their computer as normal and being completely unaware that anything is happening.

This happens because these programs flash faint almost-imperceptible subliminal messages onto your computer screen while you are using it.

There Is No Effort Involved On Your Part

Because all of this happens quietly in the background, it requires no extra time investment from the user to see changes in their own behavior. You literally do nothing different with your computer on a daily basis and yet, over time, you end up feeling and behaving differently.

The cost of these subliminal software programs is surprisingly affordable as compared to the cost of personal consultations with professional therapists. And, of course, the other great advantage is that it doesn’t take up any extra time on your part.

If you are thinking of investing in this kind of software, you need to be aware of your budget. Even if you spend large amounts of money on this kind of software, there is no guarantee that it will be any better than software that costs a more reasonable amount.

Brain Bullet Software

For that reason it is better to stick to subliminal software that has a good reputation rather than to automatically think that more expensive means better. One such program, as mentioned above, is the Brain Bullet program.brain bullet pic

Brain Bullet 1.1 subliminal mind messages operate in the way already described in this article. The program sits unobtrusively in the background of your PC or Mac and flashes subliminal messages to you while you use your computer normally.

The flashes happen too quickly for your conscious mind to notice them but, however, your subconscious mind does recognize the messages and acts upon them. With the Brain Bullet software you can program your own unique customized messages easily.

What Can Brain Bullet Do?

Some examples of what you could use the Brain Bullet download software for are:

  • Destroying bad habits
  • Changing negative behavior patterns permanently
  • Melting away stress and tension
  • Increasing motivation and controlling your emotions with ease

Really, the applications of good subliminal software are almost endless. It’s really up to you and your imagination regarding what kinds of messages you wish to program yourself with.

Some Brain Bullet Software reviews confirmed that people have even tried improving their language learning skills, and making themselves more attractive to the opposite sex. For those people that do not wish to go to the trouble of creating their own unique customized messages, Brain Bullet also provides 29 groups of messages containing a total of 887 affirmations that you can put to work immediately.

The makers of Brain Bullet are confident enough in their software that they offer a 60 day money-back guarantee on it if you do not see the results that you are hoping for. They will refund your full purchase price, no questions asked.

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